MSD Rules and Regulations



MSD operates according to its Rules & Regulations. This document, which is approved by the Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) of Hamilton County, serves as the basis for MSD's authority and responsibility and also contains information on terminology, rates, and jurisdiction which apply to MSD's operations.


All new and existing discharges to the system are subject to these Rules & Regulations:



All current MSD Rules & Regulations (in one document): Full MSD Rules and Regulations


An introduction to the current MSD Rules and Regulations: Introduction


Article I: Definitions


Article II: Control of Sewers


Article III: Combined Sewers


Article IV: Use of Wastewater Treatment System


Article V: Approval of Plans for Wastewater Treatment Works


Article VI: Design of Sanitary Sewers


Article VII: Wastewater Lift Stations


Article VIII: Wastewater Treatment Plants


Article IX: Construction Material


Article X: Construction Procedure


Article XI: Assurance of Completion


Article XII: Building Sewer: Connections and Permits


Article XIII: Individual Private Sewage Disposal


Article XIV: Disposal of Holding Tank Wastes


Article XV: Pretreatment


Article XVI: Application of the Wastewater Treatment System (WTS) Service Charge


Article XVII: Application of the Wastewater Treatment System (WTS) Surcharge


Article XVIII: Miscellaneous


Article XIX: Inspection of Construction


Article XX: Maintenance of the Wastewater Treatment System


Article XXI: Powers and Authority


Article XXII: Penalties


Article XXIII: Administrative Enforcement, Practices, and Procedures


Article XXIV: Administrative Rules


Article XXV: Fees, Charges, Penalties, Credits Validity


Article XXVI: Validity


Article XXVII: Rights Preserved


Article XXVIII: Rules and Regulations in Force


Original MSD Rules & Regulations with list of amendments: Compendium of Historical MSD Rules and Regulations