East Branch Ohio River Interceptor



Project Overview

This project will construct 2,200 feet of 96-inch diameter tunneled storm sewer to convey stormwater runoff associated with ODOT’s Brent Spence Bridge improvement projects.


The project will also modify four existing CSO overflows to the McLean Avenue Sewer to convert this sewer to storm-only downstream of the proposed highway storm connection, including modification to the 120+ year old sewer.


The receiving shaft will be located on railroad property and will require secant piles and three excavation support walls, dewatering, plus modifications to the railroad intermodal access road. The launch shaft will be turned over to ODOT for their future use, requiring close coordination and collaboration with ODOT throughout the construction period.


The project is adhering to an accelerated schedule to accommodate the requirements of the ongoing ODOT improvements.



Project Status

  • Design is underway
  • Expected Bid Date: 2026


Preliminary project map for or East Branch Ohio River Interceptor project
Preliminary project map for East Branch Ohio River Interceptor project