Prevailing Wage Rates & Instructions




All contractors and subcontractors working on City prevailing wage projects must adhere to prevailing craft trade wages. State prevailing wage may change during the duration of the project. However, Davis-Bacon federal wages locks in at the start of the project until completion. This is true regardless of the federal funding source. City, County or State funded projects will be guided by State prevailing wages for Hamilton County. Federally funded projects will be subject to Davis-Bacon prevailing wage rates. The contractor shall be responsible for paying any changes in the applicable wage rates and the accuracy of any wage rate changes received from the City.



Prevailing wage rates for any job classification are effective on the dates indicated and must be reflected on the pay period currently performed. Prevailing wage rates are to be posted at the construction site by the contractor in a place that is visible to all employees.


Apprentices working on a project must be enrolled in an apprenticeship program approved by the State of Ohio or the U.S. Department of Labor. Mandated ratios between journeymen and apprentices must be followed. Apprenticeship paperwork must be submitted with the first payroll the employee works and should be uploaded with the payroll in
LCP Tracker.


The contractor or subcontractor shall furnish each employee not covered by a collective bargaining agreement, written notification of the job classification of the employee, the prevailing wage rate that applies to the classification, broken into the hourly rate of pay and the fringe benefit amount. The name and contact information of the city’s prevailing wage coordinator should also be listed. The form must be submitted with the first payroll the employee works and should be uploaded with the payroll in LCP Tracker.


*The City Assumes No Responsibility in the Event of an Error in Any Wage Rate Listing. 





Certified payroll submissions must include the employee’s address, the last four digits of the social security number, the work classification, the basic hourly rate and the fringe benefit being given to the employee should at least equal the prevailing wage rate for the work classification that the employee is in. Submit a no work payroll in a week that there is no work.


All prime contractors and subcontractors will submit certified payroll reports to LCP Tracker at least once a month as well as upload important employee documentation including prevailing wage notification forms and apprenticeship paperwork. You need to create an account to be able to use the system. We encourage new users to attend online seminars which are conducted for free and on a regular basis.



A prime contractor as a prime approver will have to approve all certified payrolls submitted by their subcontractors before the system sends it to us for review. We cannot view and review a certified payroll if it is not approved by the prime contractor. A prime contractor will have two logins in LCP Tracker. The first login is used to set up the prime contractor as a prime approver. This is found under the set up tab under contractor set up. Once you are in the contractor set up, there is a box that says contractor license or 10 digit phone number. Whatever is used in this box will become the prime contractor’s second login username. The prime contractor will sign in under the prime approver username and password to approve the certified payroll report submittal of their subcontractors. Their second login username will be used to enter the prime contractor’s certified payroll reports including employee information, fringe benefit amount, etc.