NOT ELIGIBLE: Overland Flooding


You will not be eligible for assistance from MSD if the backup you experienced was caused solely by overland flooding, groundwater intrusion, or a backup from a storm sewer.


Customers commonly mistake water intrusion for sewer backups. Overland flooding is when stormwater enters a home or other building through joints or cracks in the foundation walls and floor, windows wells, doors, and recessed driveways. Groundwater can enter your home in the same ways. Storm sewer backups can occur if storm sewer pipes become clogged or broken.


About 85% of the time, sewer backups are not caused by the MSD public sewer and are therefore not covered by the SBU Program. When water intrusion occurs on private property, the property owner is typically responsible for the cleanup and/or repairs. MSD strongly recommends hiring a licensed vendor to investigate the issue and a certified water/flood restoration company to take care of the cleanup.


Visit our Helpful Resources page for more information about preventing overland flooding and protecting your property.


Graphic showing overland flooding